24. April 2017 /

STRICHPUNKT opts for Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Raise the curtain! After an intensive selection phase, the Staatsschauspiel Dresden has given the role of collaboration (among creatives) to STRICHPUNKT. This will allow us to set the stage for the revamp of the Dresden Theater's all new appearance. Its debut took place last friday with the release of the playtime book.

The heart of the concept is a digital and interactive approach. Diversity, courage and invitation as a gesture are key concepts that describe the theater's interactive approach.

Visually, the new key visual appears in the form of a speech bubble combined with striking typography in the striking Dresden colors, black and yellow. The new appearance will be visible online, in all print media including programs and on posters presented in the foyer.

Joachim Klement, Director of the House: "Strichpunkt convinced us with a comprehensive strategy and concept for the redesign of our appearance. A uniform appearance that reflects the character of the house and its positioning in relation to current topics is an elementary requirement for the new design. We are looking forward to meeting this challenge together with Strichpunkt.”

27. February 2017 /

Regional and current: STRICHPUNKT creates new news brand »SWR Aktuell«

Four in one: The SWR now bundles current news formats under the brand »SWR Aktuell« - online, as an app, on TV and on the radio. We have developed the corporate design for the multimedial format.

Logo, design principle, color system, animation logic, icons and infographics were redesigned for this purpose. In addition, the website, all social media channels and the app appear in the new look. In collaboration with the SWR and SWR.Online, a uniform, familiar appearance has emerged which is intended to strengthen the relevance of the broadcaster in the news area for southwest Germany across all platforms.

Anja Hübscher, SWR brand management and design: "Being recognizable on all channels demands a scalable design. This scalability was from the outset the driving force for the entire brand process, which in itself was iterative. In this complexity, this was an exciting challenge for us, which we mastered together with Strichpunkt."