12. June 2017 /

Excellent! Corporate Design Preis Award 2017 for Audi

»Pioneering«, that’s how the jury described the Audi brand appearance, for which we received the 20th solitary Corporate Design Preis 2017. The new look and feel is consistently "digital first" both in concept and design and leaves plenty of room for creative diversity.

Our work for SportScheck was also nominated. The core of the rebranding is the new strategic orientation towards a focused, profiled and networked sports retailer.

6. June 2017 /

Up in the air! STRICHPUNKT recorded strong growth in 2016

With revenues totalling 10.7 million euros in the financial year 2016, STRICHPUNKT has exceeded the 10 million threshold for the first time. Thus we increase our gross income by 42.7 percent compared to the previous year (2015: 7.5 million euros). Main drivers of growth include a strong demand for integrated brand identity and brand experience projects as well as digital design systems, which we have developed for clients such as Audi. In addition we can document a strong increase of branding projects in the Asian market.

Philipp Brune, Managing Director at STRICHPUNKT: “The digitization sets completely new standards in corporate design. Classical regulations and documentations are now obsolete. The future belongs to flexible and code basing design principles.”

About the current financial year 2017 we are very optimistic despite the fact that growth is not our target figure. “Our high standard of quality was the founding concept of our agency. Our focus today is still on this idea. Everything else are other factors”, Philipp added.