Kirsten Dietz x MYTY

Chief Culture Officer

Our co-founder Kirsten D. has taken on an additional role in the MYTY Group, the agency network to which Strichpunkt belongs since 2021. And not just any role: in her new function as Chief Culture Officer, she will be responsible for helping the two-year-old German-Swiss agency group become more connected.

For all information find the MYTY press release below:

Berlin, January 10, 2023. MYTY’s People and Culture division will be headed by Kirsten Dietz with immediate effect. In her new role as Chief Culture Officer, she will primarily be responsible for the coalescence of the two-year-old German-Swiss agency group.

Dietz founded Strichpunkt with Jochen Rädeker 27 years ago and has since developed it into one of the leading design and branding agencies in Germany. As a designer and author of design standards, she has made a lasting contribution to shaping Germany’s design culture. Now, the 55-year-old is taking on a new role within the management team of the MYTY Group. She will remain at Strichpunkt as Managing Director for the strategic development of the agency.

Kirsten Dietz on her decision: “We joined MYTY with Strichpunkt in 2021, because we felt that we could help think, develop and shape the group. Now, when this new role was brought to me, it was, for me, the consequence of this decision. There are really good people on the management team with whom I can make a difference and move things forward.”

David Rost, Co-founder and Group CEO of MYTY: “I am very happy to have gotten Kirsten for this role. She is a successful entrepreneur and an established leader and her analytical mindset and wealth of experience will enrich MYTY and our team.”

Kirsten Dietz’s area of expertise primarily includes the strategic profiling of MYTY to further enliven the umbrella brand and bring people together in the long term. Specific tasks in 2023 include, for example, the House of MYTY, assembling the HR team and strategically developing the culture and brand. Of the core of her future work, Dietz says: “The value of the group comes from a wide variety of people, a wide variety of agencies, a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. For us to join together as a network on equal footing, we need well-coordinated processes and procedures that make sense, but, above all, we need a culture in which everyone feels comfortable.”