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What challenges will brand managers have to face in the coming years? And what changes in brand management are on the horizon? On Wednesday, 14 December, the focus will be on answering these questions, on really good design and the great people behind it. DHL, Exxeta, Mustang, myToys, Schüller & Škoda: from 4 p.m., 6 teams will show you the Strichpunkt Best of SP Brand Transformation 2022 in an online session combined with key takeaways for the brand management of the future.

The session will be held in German. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us directly about the individual projects, we would be happy to hear from you at Tatjana (

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6 Challenges, 6 inspiring branding, transformation and design projects, 12 passionate Strichpunkt colleagues

In 10 minutes per project followed by a short Q&A session, we will take a look at the following highlights that live up to our claim “We design sustainable brand transformation”:

  • DHL: Global Brand Management – intelligent design.
    Global brand management is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Automation is a key success factor. Using the DHL Brand Hub as an example, we would like to show why the future belongs to intelligent design systems.
  • Exxeta: Why brands no longer only have to inspire customers.
    Holistic brand building is becoming increasingly important in order to successfully position the company as an attractive employer. And in our view, this only works if the employees also become ambassadors. Bianca & Tanja will present a brand identity without either-or!
  • Mustang: Revitalisation of a long-established brand.
    Many heritage brands are under pressure in the age of transformation. The essence must be carefully preserved while at the same time the brand must be made fit for the future. A balancing act. Using the example of the brand transformation of MUSTANG, we will demonstrate what is important.
  • myToys: The emotionalisation of an e-commerce brand.
    The e-commerce market is highly competitive. In an increasingly generic market environment, the differentiation & emotionalisation of a brand is becoming more and more important. With the brand transformation of myToys, this challenge has been successfully met.
  • Schüller: Creative Collaboration – The new is created together.
    What is important when building a premium brand? How can positioning, the brand, communication and interaction be designed collaboratively and simultaneously? Using the example of next125 by Schüller Küchen, we provide an insight into the creation and design of the brand and the creative collaboration of the teams on the client and agency side.
  • Škoda: The future is green. Electric and digital.
    With the "Next Level - Škoda Strategy 2030", Škoda Auto has embarked on a new era. A direction that includes a comprehensive update of the corporate identity and corporate design. Everything is ready for a decade of transformation.

And yes, the choice was really not easy for us ;-) However, we see parallels within the topics that brand managers are currently dealing with and that will become increasingly relevant in the future. The online session is therefore intended to show which answers we have developed for the brand management issues of the future. And it should be fun, because what all the cases have in common is really good design and great people behind them.

The session will last about 90 minutes, we will have colleagues from all locations as guests and we are really looking forward to the cases and the look ahead! On Wednesday, December 14 / 4 pm.

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Who is this online session interesting for?

  • For brand managers and decision-makers who want to know how to tackle current and future challenges in brand management.
  • For brand decision-makers who want to broaden their horizons and are open to new methods and technologies.
  • For all those who are interested in working with us or for us. If you want to have a look,here are our job offers ;-)
  • For everyone who enjoys good design and the stories behind it.

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