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STRICHPUNKT extends SWR3 brand experience

Since 2013 we have accompanied the popular radio station SWR3 in the further development of its brand design. This year we are launching a new era by digitizing the brand and focusing on motion design - on all channels.

The result is a smart modular design system for multimedia applications, adaptable to countless content formats. We have gone all the way to the foundation: Through consistent simplification, the key visual was deprived of its details, typography was simplified and a general icon style has been created.

Motion graphics and animations were developed for the logo and key visual and the application possibilities of the SWR3 mascot were also extended. As a character controllable via webcam or as a sticker for social media, the SWR3 elk now interacts with its fans on all channels.

"SWR3 is a program that is constantly in motion and evolves in all ways. The new modular design concept with the clear icon style and the emotionally charged mascot completes the multimedia brand identity perfectly," says SWR3 programme manager Thomas Jung.