Brand Management 4.0

Four experts, one topic, 90 minutes online session


The demands on global brand management have changed radically in recent years. Static brand documentation has become obsolete. The future belongs to modular, intelligent design systems. They create the basis for agile and efficient brand management.

Together with our customer DHL, we have developed a forward-looking solution for precisely this in recent years. On the 10.12.2020 from 09.00 to 10.30 we would like to give an insight into this brand management system. In a 90-minute live stream, we would like to present the key points of this development and share experiences from the entire development process.

What we want to convey in this livestream:

  • How can I build a global and efficient brand management system?
  • How do I create a framework in which branding can develop permanently?
  • How do I empower my partners to work with branding intuitively and creatively worldwide?
  • How can efficiency in brand management be significantly increased by using AI-based tools?
  • What advantages do design systems that work with algorithms offer?
  • How must the scope of tasks and the understanding of roles change in brand management, to shape the future of a brand to make it successful?

For whom this livestream is interesting:

  • For all brand decision makers who are responsible for the global brand management.
  • For all those brand managers who feel that traditional corporate design systems do not provide answers to the questions of our time.
  • Brand decision makers who want to broaden their horizons and are open to new methods and technologies.

The hosts:

Thomas Clemens – DHL Team Lead DHL Brand Management. Through his many years of experience within the Group and previous positions at a communications service provider, Thomas Clemens combines the expertise of brand management in large organisations, as well as in the digital transformation towards all branding processes. Thomas Clemens was the product owner for the development of the DPDHL BrandHub. In the Livestream he would like to share his experiences from the project.

Felix Schlechtriem – Brand Consultant Director at Strichpunkt. Felix accompanied the entire branding process towards a significantly more agile DHL brand and thus made an important contribution to increasing the efficiency of DHL's global brand management. Felix provides important insights into the success factors of a digital brand management system. But he also wants to point out barriers that are often underestimated in such a mammoth project.

Fabian Hammans– Creative Director at Strichpunkt. As Creative Director, Fabian has overall responsibility for the Modular Design that we developed for DHL. Fabian shows the challenges but also the possibilities of a modular design system.

Dr. Andreas Stiegler - Creative Technologist at Strichpunkt. Andreas developed the technological concept for the Layout Creator. An AI-based tool that can independently develop CD-compliant layouts and suggest different variants to the user. In the webinar, Andreas will give an overview of the requirements and technology behind the Layout Creator.

With a good mixture of theory and practical application examples we would like to inspire you for the next chapter in Brand Management.

Contents of the livestream:
/ Challenges in modern brand management
/ DHL's objective towards a completely digitalised global brand management system, brand platform
/ Modular Design as Game Changer
/ Layout Creator: The way to marketing automation. Fields of application and first experiences with the Layout Creator. Possible expansion stages in Brand Management 3.0
/ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Time for your questions

The hosts Thomas Clemens, Felix Schlechtriem, Fabian Hammans and Dr. Andreas Stiegler look forward to your participation!

Livestream in German 25.11.2020 at 5.00 pm:
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