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The transformation of brand design

This is our way of designing brands. A modular design system inspired by atomic design, developed in a media-neutral way but thoroughly digital at its core. Put simply, it is about developing different, coordinated design modules. These modules can be combined in the best way to suit any purpose. Recognisability does not come from the repeated use of the same design, but rather from the consistent use of the modules.

As few rules as possible and perfectly balanced modules that can be easily and quickly added in the future provide more room for creativity.

Each type of media also has other requirements. From digital and print to 3D and motion, modular design can be used and scaled for the touchpoints of today and tomorrow.

Modular design considers not just appearance, but also animation, function and interaction with modules all the way up to technical implementation.

From theory to practice -

Audi as an example

To build an app you need completely different modules than when designing a billboard. However, as we only use modules from the design system of Audi, the result is a consistent but no uniform look for all the different touchpoints.

Whether it is Audi, German Football Association (DFB) or TÜV Süd, Strichpunkt is already working according to the principle of modular design for customers of all sizes.

Case studyDigital branding

Audi – modular at all


Audi’s new brand design has been developed from a digital perspective. The modular design system enables the Audi ecosystem to be implemented everywhere, from smartwatches to vehicle interfaces. Different components are used depending on the application. The result is more creative diversity and a consistent user experience across all touchpoints.

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Case StudyUser first

Weltmeister –

Modular interfaces

The goal here is to become the world’s first truly seamless mobility brand. Achieving this requires a user-friendly mobility solution of leasing, sharing, parking, gamification and community-building. For Weltmeister, we have developed a modular design system to enable a consistent user experience from cars to apps and services.

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Case study5 brands - 1 toolkit


modular brand experiences

A modular design system in the form of an open tool kit makes it possible to design customised and very different DFB brands, such as for the association itself, the DFB-Pokal, the Nationalmannschaft or the DFB Akademie, while still making the connection between the brands clear.

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The responsiveness of a company is crucial for its success. With modular design, brand managers can use synergies and actively promote the transformation of the brand.

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"A good brand is good business."


artificial intelligence in design

If you simplify and modularize everything, can you leave the work to a computer? Absolutely. The Brand Creator enables the uncomplicated creation of high-quality media in the corporate design for non-designers. The user defines the content, the Layout Creator builds the tailor-made layout in real time - and offers countless design variants as an alternative. A piece of cake!

Modular & KI-based Design

Case Study DPDHL Group at the CXI Conference.

AI-basedBrand creator

We’ve come full circle here, because the basis for this is a modular design principle. This is exactly how it becomes possible for machines to read, interpret and implement design. The technology behind it is invisible to the user. The Brand Creator uses artificial intelligence and content from very different sources to create a medium. Our own script language SPML (Strichpunkt Markup Language) translates Strichpunkt design know-how into machine-readable algorithms and creates individual media using mass models from physics. The result: perfect print PDFs, PNGs or film snippets that always match the corporate design 100%.

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