Being better 2015

Corporate Reporting

MAN is one of the leading commercial vehicles, engines and mechanical engineering companies in Europe. In all the years of its existence, the company has never been satisfied with the status quo. The title BEING BETTER typifies this attitude, claim and drive.

How can MAN stand out from the competition and how will the company find its way to stay on track? The MAN Reporting 2015 is divided into the topics "more innovative", „more powerful"more reliable" and "more efficient".

An succinct elaboration of corporate highlights is presented through a lead story and so-called bits of information. Also the 100th anniversary of MAN Truck & Bus, despite the reduced scope of the image part, still has plenty of room. A varied arrangement of text and graphics, as well as the combination of illustration and photography dominate the report. The editorials of the two corporate fields are staged in a photo reportage and as illustrated customers’ portraits. A consistent, bold and rich representation characterizes the appearance.