Brand Communication

A street performance, many videos, a blog - an annual report. The Baden-Württemberg Foundation explores the microcosm of our coexistence: What unites our society? Our common goals, our dreams, ideas, and ideals? Our individuality?

In numerous videos and interviews, people talk about their lives and their street in the West of Stuttgart. In a neighborhood in which diverse lifestyles, different cultures, subcultures, old-established, and newcomers collide and live together.

Schwabstrasse becomes the laboratory of our society: it is the core of the new annual report and of the campaign in the shops and cafes of the quarter. It’s played across the entire street on beer coasters, postcards, pins, and friendship ribbons. A sticker and poster promotion turns the quarter into an exhibition and challenges every passenger to confront provocative, unconventional and in any case individual points of view.

The annual report becomes a people magazine and mirrors the diversity and the ruptures of a rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood in a vivid collage of pictures and interviews. It conveys what most moves the Baden-Württemberg Foundation and provides the framework for reports and interviews on the Foundation’s programmes and projects.

All Videos & Interviews on #WIRSINDS here: www.wir-gesellschaft-bw.de