Calling all Creators 2016

Corporate Communication

Open source, cooperation and teamwork are the key to success. »Calling all creators« is both the appeal and the motto of the adidas Annual Report 2016. The adidas brands are at the center of the strategic business plan 2020 »Creating the New«, as they connect the company adidas with its consumers.

Employees, partners, communities and consumers contribute to the development of new concepts and products. This eclectic group of »creators« is the starting point of many adidas success stories. The aim is to understand the customer as well as his/her values ​​and needs, in order to make the brands desireable. adidas understood this and opened the doors for a variety of forms of cooperation. Always with the aim of creating the best possible offer for the consumer.

Through the »creators« we show the »customer centricity« that moves adidas. Strategic measures and objectives are turned into main stories. As regards visuality we focus on continuity: With the help of its striking design, strong images and relevant texts, the magazine part makes the strategy tangible and accessible. The publication is exquisitely crafted, and with its diverse materials and slanted cut, achieves a dynamic look.

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