Resonance 2019

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With innovative solutions, Deloitte helps its clients to remain competitive and grow sustainably. Auditing, Consulting & Financial Advisory are just a selection of Deloitte's services.

The digital is part of our everyday life. It simplifies a lot of things and challenges us to question things. To think in new ways. To design. To listen to the other party and to stay in touch. More than ever, it's all about dialogue - and about resonance.

Which opportunities does artificial intelligence offer? And where do we limit the boundaries of the technology? "Innovation is one of the most important factors for growth and competitiveness. This applies to our customers and to Deloitte itself," says Deloitte CEO Martin Plendl in the 2019 annual report.

This is the very same approach we have adopted for the interpretation of the annual report. The result: The first annual report to listen to! Because dialogue and resonance work best in direct conversation. Experts and practitioners from business and science talk about artificial intelligence, voice commerce and digital nomads.

The visuality of the printed report and the landing page also reflect the spirit of the future. Photo reportages, illustrations, conceptual style photography, and AI technology provide a visual firework display. Have fun watching & listening!


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