New Corporate Branding Creativity, univer­sality and innovation

Corporate Branding

The InformationsZentrum Beton develops and coordinates the industry’s information and communication regarding cement and concrete with an emphasis on architecture, construction and new development. The shifts in the awareness of building materials with regards to new demands on sustainability, architecture and design, warrant a new direction for the brand.

Moving ahead, the ideals of „creativity, universality and innovation“ help to establish concrete as a building material that enriches the quality of life within living spaces. The newly designed branding, builds a bridge between the world of construction and that of design and architecture through its use of bold yellow and stencilled lettering. Whilst further developed, the logo remains recognizable for its target audience.

Ulrich Nolting, CEO of InformationsZentrum Beton GmbH, „Reinventing the brand Beton was not an easy task. The new corporate branding developed by Strickpunkt demonstrates the consistency of our positioning and forms a powerful foundation for the future.“