The Way Ahead 2013/14

Corporate Communication

Heading into the future: Strichpunkt and Otto Group break new ground in financial communications

Otto Group, a global trade and services group with activities in over 20 countries, operates across three business segments: Multichannel Retail, Financial Services and Services. The Group is currently the world's second largest and Europe's largest online retailer for fashion and lifestyle products with end consumers (B2C). Strichpunkt was responsible for the design and creative implementation of the 2013/14 Annual Report.

The design agency and the family-run Group have broken new ground in financial communications to accommodate the changing media habits of its target groups. With its handwritten typography, scribbles and sketches, the latest Annual Report, entitled “The Way Ahead”, is strongly reminiscent of a travel diary. Multifaceted and entertaining, the main theme of the publication is "Innovation" with a special focus on the aspect of "Mobility", sending a clear message that Otto Group is a dynamic, internationally active group of companies. Its established business models are successfully transformed and new business ideas are developed and promoted, while always keeping the customer in mind.

The publication of the Annual Report took place at the same time as the launch of the corporate blog of the same name. This blog shows journalists, industry bloggers, stakeholders and decision-makers the industry environments where Otto Group is facing “The Way Ahead” in an up-to-date, personal and forward-thinking way.

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