Hello Human 2018/19

Brand Communication

After "Hello Future!" and "Hello Values!", "Hello Human!" is the harmonious conclusion of the Hello-trilogy. Four chapters focus on the topics of digitization, diversity and humanity. We show why we have to shape the digital future together and how we can do so. In the process, we intensively examine the possibilities but also the limits of the digital revolution. And we know that in the future, despite all the digitization, one thing will be of primary importance: us humans.

In this report, Otto Group employees and external experts share their opinions and expectations about the role of courage, diversity and responsibility in the digital future. Because as a company today more than ever, we need courage to make decisions which may seem uncomfortable now, but which could pay off in a few years' time. Hardly anything is as important for a company as allowing diversity and finding the right balance. A company like the Otto Group must assume responsibility in many areas: towards its employees, its stakeholders, society and the planet.

In the design and production of the report, great importance is attached to individuality. Employees have the opportunity to have their say and present their view of things. A new feature is the clearly visible separation between the image and content levels. While the image style introduced is being further developed and supplemented by authentic photography, each of the four chapters is given its own typography.