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Corporate Design

Corporate design and all-round support

The Württemberg State Theatre, the largest three-branch complex in Europe, invited no fewer than twelve agencies to present their ideas for a new corporate design. Eleven of them presented logo designs. We came only with questions – and received the contract to design some 10,000 media pages a year. It quickly became clear not only to us that a sustainable corporate design would require a lot of time for in-depth discussion, not visuals based on a superficial pitch brief.

We developed a brand identity that united two worlds. On the one hand, it allowed individual expressions for opera, ballet and drama, and on the other hand it ensured a consistent, cost-effective corporate design for the theatre as a whole. With clear rules governing typography and layout design, there was more space for artistic freedom – and this convinced design juries around the world, and more important the theatre-going public in Stuttgart. The results were significantly higher audience numbers, positive editorial interviews and the development of a collective passion for the media, which meant that in some cases the number of programme booklets sold for a performance was greater than the number of people in the audience.


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