Shaping 2015

Corporate Reporting

Following its merger with E-Plus, Telefónica Germany now has the greatest amount of customers, making it the largest mobile phone company in Germany. The annual report of 2015 demonstrates that Telefónica has made lots of progress in the integration and therefore building the foundation for becoming the "Leading the Digital Telco". Now the focus will be shifted towards the transformation. The title "Shaping the Leading Digital Telco" plays an important role with regards to content and implementation of the report.

Stakeholders and readers are convinced through the content and visuals, that Telefónica utilises the opportunities of digitization and focuses on shaping the digital revolution. Therefore, the multimedia online magazine and the digital annual report are the center of focus.

During the first contact with the landing page the user is greeted by the impressive visualization of an algorithm - because data is the essential raw material of the new Telefónica. The algorithm, as a central element of digitization, is the essential design element of the annual report. Subpages with the four chapters ENHANCE, ENABLE, EMPOWER and OUR SHARE convey the content, based on internal strategic guidelines of the company. Each section alternates dialogues between the three board members and strategic and user-related content.