Connecting Perspectives

Brand Design

From the booking app to the VoloPort – Volocopter is taking off with new branding:

The race towards the mobility of the future has been underway for quite some time, and what might have sounded like science fiction just a few years ago is now becoming reality. Start-ups around the world are vying for the trust of investors, megacities and, before too long, the first customers. The competition is fierce, financial resources limited, and the growth enormous. It’s time to take professional marketing strategies to the next level; after all, building a brand is also about building trust.

Volocopter is showing how it’s done. Having long been a global technology leader, the identity of the Bruchsal-based company is now also reflected in its new image.

The visual leitmotif: Connecting Perspectives

Wherever it goes, Volocopter moves with confidence: between ground-breaking technology and elegant aesthetics; between the ease of flying and the highest safety requirements; and between time-saving travel and a unique flying experience. The smart design system is as multifaceted as the brand itself. Seemingly contradictory extremes are combined into a harmonious overall appearance that can be experienced via the various touchpoints – sometimes functionally, sometimes emotionally.

True to the claim ‘We bring urban air mobility to life’, Volocopter is transforming itself from an air taxi manufacturer into a mobility service provider. And with reference to the digital wallet, the new design is establishing a connection to the living environment of its target group. After all, the interplay between smart technology and a unique travel experience will make this the easiest thing in the world in just a few years: simply book a ticket and get moving!