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Zalando is a household name in Europe for online shopping. According to Zalando, its mission is to become a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact on people and the planet. A storytelling concept, created by Strichpunkt Design to bring Zalando's sustainability topics to life – regardless of channel or theme – is an essential communications tool.

More than a mere trend:
How Zalando is disrupting the fashion industry

The concept made its first appearance in the 2021 Sustainability Progress Report that we created for Zalando. “We forged an identity for Zalando's sustainability activities that is like no other, but is still inspired by the Zalando parent brand”, says art director Neele Ludwig, who was in charge of concept development. Our “Planet. Products. People” concept uses eye-catching infographics and charming illustrations. The basic principle is to show content in a clear, concise manner so that the reader does not get bogged down in the details.

What is “net positive”? How many of Zalando's products are “pre-owned” and what exactly does that mean? What is the total volume of carbon emissions in the fashion industry? Thanks to our storytelling concept, even complex sustainability aspects like these can be explained in a simple yet entertaining manner.

This is important especially because Zalando aims to continually grow the number of internal and external fans on its journey to becoming a sustainable fashion platform. “I think we need this kind of transparency for the entire fashion industry”, says Kate Heiny, Director of Sustainability at Zalando. “We encourage our brand partners, industry colleagues and customers to support us in these efforts, so that together we can make the fashion industry more sustainable”.

Our concept is the ideal tool to help them do just that. Zalando can use the modular visual system on all of its communications channels and throughout the transformation – regardless of where the fashion platform may be on its journey to sustainability.

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