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The Learning Brand


The learning brand - entering a new era of data-driven branding processes. A 60-minute session with Diconium data specialists Tobias Margarit & Sanj Bhoyroo, Strichpunkt Creative Technologist Dr. Andreas Stiegler & CEO Philipp Brune. June 24, 2021 / 9 am & 5 pm.

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June 24, 9 am (english session) June 24, 5 pm (german session)

The Fifth Industrial Revolution is shaping businesses and branding alike. The Logo is not at the epicenter of branding anymore, and we are witnessing a shift in the brand’s ownership: from the company to the customers.
The explosion of customer journeys and new forms of connections being created permanently are causing the brand to consistently evolve. Under this aspect of connectivity, the brand is challenged to adapt itself, to constantly learn within the socio-technological artefacts and to continuously redefine the boundaries of interaction and loyalty.
Many notable brands worldwide such as Mercedes-Benz, Disney or Adidas have already started to move away from relying purely on classic brand monitors because they want to know in real time what impact marketing measures are having on their brand value.

Static branding processes are coming under increasing pressure in the age of data-driven marketing processes. The future belongs to agile and data-driven brand models.

In the 60-minute online session, together with the data specialists from Diconium, we would like to give an outlook on how brands can learn, what agile branding can already deliver today and why the classic branding process needs to be redeveloped.

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The Learning Brand

Entering a new era of data-driven branding processes

4 experts, 45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A
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June 24, 9 am (english session) June 24, 5 pm (german session)
Who is this online session interesting for?

  • All Brand Leaders who believe in a radical change of traditional brand management models.
  • All brand managers who believe in the future of agile and data driven brand models.
  • Marketing experts who want their branding decisions to be based not only on their gut feeling but also on more data.
  • For all those who know that their brand needs more flexibility and the ability to adapt.
  • All brand decision-makers who want to broaden their horizons and are open to new approaches and methods in brand management and brand leadership.

Contents of the Online Session:

  • Which potentials of brands are not being exploited?
  • How shall we understand the brand in a world where the Logo is not sufficient when it comes to creating a bond with users?
  • Today, consumers are forming myriad perceptions of brands based on their reachability or interaction with the company. This disruption in brand relation is leading us to question the old practices of brand management and to pave ways for a new understanding. What does it take to develop a brand’s personality in this age of technological abundance and attention deficit?
  • How can I identify relevant data sets for my brand at the right time to transfer them into a long-term agile branding process?
  • How can I tackle the shift to a more data driven approach without re-inventing my whole branding strategy?
  • 45 minutes presentation / 15 minutes Q&A session

This online session is intended to show potentials that have not been exploited up to now. To encourage reflection but also stimulate a lively discussion. We look forward to the exchange with all participants.

Our guests:

Sanj Bhoyroo, Senior Director data & performance, Diconium
Sanj Bhoyroo is Senior director data | performance within diconium data. Prior to joining diconium, he spent ten years in the ecommerce, telecommunication and publishing industry, leading digital growth projects. His academic background includes communication, journalism, cultural linguistics, marketing and psychology. He is mostly interested in research topics such as brand management and user gratifications and how digital tribes and social networks are modifying the aspect of relationship to brands.

Tobias Margarit, Managing Director, Diconium
Tobias is based in Berlin, managing director within diconium and responsible for Diconium’s data ecosystem. His academic background includes IT Forensic Engineering, International functions & Cultural Management. His area of business focuses on data-driven Growth and Digital Process Automation initiatives and his team’s main capabilities cover digital analytics, data engineering, data architecture, data science & A.I. and data performance. So, after 17 years of international experience (Europe, China, US) at Audi, FAW-VW and diconium, what guides his thinking today? Tobias realized that the success of data initiatives is determined by the domain, the organizational context and the motivation & the willingness to create positive impact to the team within the business challenge predominantly. Here, the enabler is the method and the related capability, technology is just a support instrument. Considering this, from his experience, a data initiative cannot be handled as a project, despite its a business process and if you really want to transform an organization by applying it, focus on your understanding of methods and their sustainable scalability within the existing process. Consequently, this structural methodology will transform the processes, the team collaboration and the organization model from out of the inside.

The hosts:

Philipp Brune, CEO, Strichpunkt
Philipp Brune brings along 15 years of experience in strategic brand consulting as well as brand transformation and passionately guides the customers through strategic, visual and cultural change processes. Digital transformation is the catalyst or driver for nearly all projects that STRICHPUNKT works on as a strategy and design agency - his credo is that transformation requires identity but also a found data basis.

Dr. Andreas Stiegler, Creative Technologist, Strichpunkt Design
As Creative Technologist at Strichpunkt, Dr. Andreas Stiegler is engaged in the fusion of know-how from branding and design as well as game development and AI.
With a PhD in Game-AI, he is dedicated not only to technological integration, but also to creative topics. A good match as Strichpunkt already works intensively with technologies from game development (Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, ...) - but also with 'soft' topics such as game design, community management, esports and more.
In addition, Dr. Andreas Stiegler is a lecturer for Game Physics and Game AI at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart.