SP x Volocopter Online Session:

Connecting Perspectives


In this 60-minute online session on 28 October at 5 p.m., together with Head of Marketing & Brand Management at Volocopter, Marcus Hinkel and Creative Director Tanja Freudenthaler, we will answer the questions of when, how and why integrated brand management makes sense.

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What sounded like science fiction a few years ago is now becoming reality: Volocopter is building the world's first sustainable and scalable urban air mobility business to establish affordable air taxi services in the world's megacities. The competition is fierce and the growth potential enormous. As pioneer and technology leader of the entire Urban Air Mobility ecosystem, Volocopter was aware early on that the brand is an important and valuable pillar of the company - because it is not only about technology leadership, but also about winning top talent, the trust of investors, politicians, megacities and soon the first customers.

Connecting Perspectives
Together with Strichpunkt, the strategic positioning of the brand was translated into a future-oriented brand design. A special challenge: brand experience and brand design of a future industry intended to inspire confidence in the brand and attract customers worldwide, are already being created, while products and services are still in development.
At the same time, flexibility is of utmost importance, as Volocopter is transforming from an air taxi manufacturer to a mobility service provider, true to the claim "We bring urban air mobility to life". The combined B2B and B2C business model, the internationality and the multitude of stakeholders are just three examples of the requirements placed on this brand.

In this 60-minute online session, we join Volocopter's Head of Marketing & Brand Management, Marcus Hinkel, to give an insight into the brand strategy and brand management challenges of the fast-growing B2B & B2C company. Creative Director & Unit Lead Tanja Freudenthaler takes you into the machine room and shows you the development and the result of the new modular Volocopter branding with the visual leitmotif "Connecting Perspectives".

Are you in?

Connecting Perspectives

When, how and why should you start integrated brand management?

45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A

Who is this online session interesting for?

  • For all those who want to know what the brand strategy of a high-growth/high-tech company looks like and how it can be efficiently translated into a future-oriented, international branding
  • For founders and companions of start-ups who are aware of the importance of the brand
  • For all brand managers who are planning or currently accompanying real changes in brand management
  • For all brand decision-makers who want to learn more about the advantages of integrated brand work
  • For all brand decision-makers who want to broaden their horizons and learn from best and bad practice

Contents of the Online Session:

  • When is the right time for a young company to (re)invest in the brand?
  • What is Volocopter's brand strategy, how important is the brand, and what would the company do differently in retrospect?
  • How do I establish corporate values & the brand in a very fast-growing, international organisation?
  • What does the new Volocopter branding look like and what requirements does it have to meet?
  • How do I create a brand with impact and an incomparable brand experience for products and services that are still in development?
  • What are the technology and design requirements to be successful not only in the strategy, but also in the roll-out and application of the branding?
  • 45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A session

Our Guest:

Marcus Hinkel, Head of Marketing & Brand Management Volocopter
Since 2019, Marcus Hinkel has been responsible for the development of the international brand strategy, marketing and brand communication, as well as brand design as Head of Marketing & Brand Management at the air taxi pioneer Volocopter. Volocopter is a global pioneer for one of the most innovative forms of sustainable transport: electric urban air mobility (UAM). Volocopter develops and operates a fully integrated ecosystem for urban air mobility services that will complement the current mobility mix of major cities.

In 1993, Marcus Hinkel founded the communications agency HINKEL360, and in 2001 the digital agency IXTACY, with over 50 permanent employees one of the first agencies in Baden-Württemberg. Marcus Hinkel has consulted and provided communications support for over 120 national and international brands. Among his clients were Mercedes-Benz Sonderfahrzeuge, Michelin, Hager Group, SEW-Eurodrive, Pfizer and Weber Haus. After an interesting offer to sell his two agencies, Marcus Hinkel had sold both companies in 2018 and wanted to pursue his hobbies. The call from one of the Volocopter founders - Alexander Zosel - changed everything. To develop a startup for electric urban air mobility services into a global brand, he did not want to miss this unique opportunity. Marcus Hinkel has been Head of Marketing & Brand Management at Volocopter since 2019.

Your Host:

Tanja Freudenthaler, Creative Director & Unit Lead, Strichpunkt
After studying communication design in Buenos Aires and Konstanz, Tanja made her first professional experiences at "b.lateral", where she took over the design department after a short time. Together with a young and motivated team, she won the first awards for the small agency and switched to Strichpunkt in 2016.

With her creative power, conceptual clout and great teamwork skills, she quickly grew into responsible tasks at Strichpunkt and has been Creative Director and Unit Lead since the beginning of 2020.
Tanja loves interdisciplinary work, in which good strategic groundwork is always the springboard for creative brand work. During her time at Strichpunkt, Tanja helped shape Audi's new brand design, she was very extensively involved in the brand transformation of Sportscheck and has worked on a variety of brand and communication projects, including for Audi Compliance and Volocopter.

If you have any questions about the online session, please contact Cornellia Pless at c.pless@sp.design