How a brand sustainably reinvents itself

the success stories of vaude and Rügenwalder Mühle


Many brands are currently facing the challenge of having to reposition themselves. To be more inclusive. More progressive. More sustainable.

How can they pull it off? What does sustainable repositioning mean for brand strategy/management? And how do you leave the old behind without losing yourself and your brand values in the new position? We’ll examine all these questions at 4:00 p.m. on 20 October.

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In our 70-minute online session, we will gain exclusive insight into two brands that have already made this transformation. Over the past 12 years, vaude has grown from a small family business to Germany's most sustainable outdoor equipment brand. Manfred Meindl, Head of Marketing at vaude, helped oversee the transformation as the brand manager. He knows that “No one is perfect. A brand only reads as authentic if it also communicates its setbacks and missteps on such a journey.” Manfred Meindl will tell us exactly how it's done and what matters on 20 October.

The transformation that Rügenwalder Mühle has achieved is no less impressive. Not only has Germany’s best-known sausage and cold meat brand grown to become the largest purveyor of plant-based sausage, cold meat and rissoles, but it also virtually invented this market. The man behind this remarkable story is Godo Röben, who as the company’s managing director had the same feeling in 2011 that many marketing managers are grappling with today: “The times are changing, and we also need to as quickly as possible.” Today, Rügenwalder’s share of the plant-based meat alternative market is an astonishing 41.2%. Röben will share with us how they turned the brand around in Bad Zwischenahn and got even the sceptics in the company on board. The conclusion he draws: “The only people who need to be afraid of something new are those who won't dare to try it out. The brand graveyard is full of big names that missed the signs of the times.”

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Who might be interested in this online session?

  • Anyone who wants to know how to sustainably reposition their brand.
  • Decision-makers entering new markets who do not want to lose their existing ones.
  • Brand managers who are planning or currently overseeing real changes to brand management.
  • Sustainability managers and corporate communicators who want to get their colleagues and customers excited about sustainability.
  • All brand decision-makers who want to learn best and bad practices and expand their horizons.


Godo Röben
Godo Röben is the brand expert who practically reinvented Rügenwalder Mühle as managing director. After 25 years at the family business, he now acts as a consultant for start-ups, established food manufacturers and Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture on the booming market of alternative proteins.

Manfred Meindl
Manfred Meindl has been with vaude for over a decade and has seen the family business through every step it has taken to become a sustainable brand. As Head of Marketing at vaude, he is a sought-after speaker on sustainable brand strategy. He will be interviewed by Harald Willenbrock, Head of Concept & Content Sustainability at Strichpunkt Design.

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