YES! Strichpunkt is once again Germany's leading design agency!

In the PAGE Creative Ranking 2020 we occupy 6th place and once again achieve the best result of all participating design agencies.

With this outstanding result in our pocket, we are now taking a short time-out: Strichpunkt will not actively participate in creative competitions in the next award season.

Why? The concept of design is constantly being redefined by economic and social developments - technology and creation continue to grow together. Design is now an essential component of sustainable corporate management - as a strategic way of thinking, economic problem solution and business model, not just as an aesthetic addendum. However, the current competitions in the creative sector do not yet reflect this development.

"Times of change are always a great opportunity to sharpen your own positioning in the market. Of course, awards in creative competitions are and remain an important indicator. That's why we are very proud of our more than 800 awards in the last 20 years. They are proof of our outstanding achievements - but the industry is changing, and the awards must reflect this" says Prof. Jochen Rädeker, Co-Founder Strichpunkt.

Today, design does more than just create, it is above all the engine of holistic transformations. The agency therefore intends "to take the time in 2020 to further develop the service portfolio, to set new priorities and to put all its power into working with our clients", adds Strichpunkt CEO Philipp Brune.

PAGE, the design and publishing magazine with the widest reach in the German market, awards the 50 most creative advertising and design agencies in Germany every year. The ranking is based on the awards that were given in ten selected competitions in 2019. These include top-class competitions such as the Red Dot Award, the iF Award as well as the ADC competition.

Whether Brand Design, Corporate Communications or Experience Design: Strichpunkt won in the individual competitions with the most diverse projects in a wide range of categories.