SP goes green



We want to take on more ecological responsibility. Step by step in many different areas. We want to #DoBetter!

As a company with more than 100 employees, we want to take more responsibility for our actions. Even though we don't produce physical products, we know that the way we work, travel and behave has an impact on the environment. And we know we can do better.

To combat climate change, there is no easy fix, no "clean-up feature" and no Photoshop magic wand we can use to make the world prettier again. So what can we do to meet this challenge? We have already started to actively reduce our carbon emissions and have professionalised our CO2 management by working with and being supported by planetly.

Our goal: to become carbon neutral by the end of 2021! And for the record, our future CO2 emission targets will always be related to 2020 - a year when hardly anyone flew, the commute was limited to the distance between the living room and the kitchen... We want to be more conscious in our everyday decisions, even in the small things like changing the toilet paper supplier ;-) We are currently adopting more and more measures that can also be inconvenient at times - like banning domestic flights.

Sure, this is a serious task and a big goal. But we believe that such a change must also be fun. And what could be more natural for us as a branding agency than to give the SP #dobetter campaign a beautiful & fun design!

SP DO BETTER: An initiative driven by a great group of colleagues is currently unfolding in more and more areas of the agency. We will reveal more about the individual measures soon - follow us on our social media channels!

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