„Trends + Visions 2020“

On 27 March Trends+Visions 2020 was to take place in Düsseldorf - trade fair and industry meeting point for the IT industry, organised by Strichpunkt client ALSO Deutschland, one of the largest technology providers. Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO AG: "After it was clear on 9 March that the trade fair had to be cancelled out of a sense of responsibility towards customers, employees and partners, the team decided to organise a virtual trade fair.

Together with the design agency Strichpunkt, ALSO AG developed a concept for virtualisation, the acquisition of manufacturers for lectures and webinars, press relations and communication with clients. "Within six working days, the team put the entire organisation on its feet - a total of 22 keynotes, lectures and presentations, some with several participants at different locations, were filmed, edited and made available on the digital trade fair platform. 29 webinars were prepared, flyers and press releases produced, customer mailings written, and resellers informed. There was even some thought given to culture: at the end of the programme, a slam poetry artist and a musician reviewed the day", says Beate Flamm, Head of Content & Copy, Strichpunkt Design. The event agency Str8 from Hanover took over the complete technical part of the trade fair.

ALSO customers in Switzerland and Austria were also able to participate digitally in the fair this year thanks to the virtualisation of the CTV. The result: a new visitor record! Gustavo Möller-Hergt: "Without this team, which really gave its all to achieve such a great result in the shortest possible time, this would not have been possible. It was also remarkable that Strichpunkt completely integrated itself into the team within one day and worked towards the goal with the same commitment and humour".