New brand identity for the 3rd league

In time for the start of the 2019/2020 season, the 3rd league presents itself with a further development of its own brand identity. We have been responsible for the visual development of all DFB brands since 2016 and have seamlessly integrated the new logo, the new font and the new visual language of the 3rd league into the entire DFB corporate design system.

The current brand identity should above all function digitally on all potential touchpoints. The lettering was removed from the logo, the silhouette significantly simplified and a concise visual style introduced - but the original brand line has always been retained. The brand values are supposed to reflect the individual character of the 3rd league, but at the same time seamlessly fit into the entire brand world of the DFB.

"The world of the German Football Association moves in a field of tension of extremes. Here, district class C, there, senior national teams, here, youth work, there, world championship titles. A diversity that makes the association unique. Diversity, which as a logical consequence has led to the development of a flexible corporate design," says Philipp Brune, CEO STRICHPUNKT Design.

Last Friday, the new season of the 3rd league in the opening match 1860 Munich against Prussia Münster was already heralded in the new look. At the same time, from now on a trailer will be shown on the digital channels of the DFB, which also presents the 3rd league in the new brand language - new TV graphics are to follow.