Forum Deutscher Mittelstand:

Alexander Bürkle & SP are Keynote Speakers

On 11 and 12 September, the 2nd Forum Deutscher Mittelstand 2019 will take place at the International Congress Centre in Stuttgart (ICS). The main theme of the event is "SMEs of the future: Digital, agile and automated?"

More than 550 executives will discuss and critically examine the following four core topics in lectures, workshops, keynotes or masterclasses:

  • Business Models & Competition
  • IT Architecture & Technology
  • Corporate culture, People & Society
  • Global Production Footprint

Andreas Ege, Managing Director Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co. KG together with Philipp Brune, our CEO, will give a master class on 12.9. at 12.30 p.m. titled "From electrical wholesaler to technology service provider: 16 months of transformation" on the topic of how important a strong identity is in the transformation process and that the brand is of great importance in medium-sized companies as well.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Alexander Bürkle, a family-owned company based in Freiburg, has taken on the challenge. The market leader in the southwest of Germany in the electrical wholesale industry with a 118-year history is taking a brave step into a digital age and reinventing itself in the process. Its thinking. Its culture. Its processes. Its look.

Strichpunkt is accompanying Alexander Bürkle on its digital transformation journey

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