Insights from STRICHPUNKT at the SoMo Borac 2023

Somo Borac: The conference that brings together experts and innovators from all over the world every year to discuss the topic of "innovation and sustainability". Strichpunkt was also there and took an active part in the discussions. For three days, the event provides a platform for inspiring keynotes, insightful workshops and the exchange of ground-breaking ideas.

We are delighted that Nico Wüst, our Head of Design Systems, was able to give a presentation on the development of brands for today and tomorrow at the SoMo Borac Conference 2023 in Zagreb. The focus was on the development of brands, particularly with regard to digital touchpoints:

  • From monologue to dialogue: Brands today no longer communicate with their target groups in a one-way dialogue; interaction is taking place. As a result, design modules such as typography, interface elements and motion principles are suddenly playing a much greater role.

  • From complexity to simplicity: The user journey is now more complex than ever, so it is important to make brands simple and easy to understand. This increases user-friendliness and customer loyalty.

  • From uniformity to inspiration: Brands should not limit themselves through strict standardisation, but rather impress through diversity and inspiration. The goal is an emotional brand experience.

  • Design that touches and inspires: Brands should touch and inspire the target group through their design. This can be achieved through creative, emotional and diverse communication.

  • The future belongs to the brave: Only brands that dare to break new ground and stand out from the crowd will be successful in the future.

Nico Wüst emphasises the importance of adapting brand strategies to the constantly evolving digital age. He spoke about the challenges and opportunities that digitalisation brings to branding and how companies can strengthen their brand identity in this context.

SoMo Borac: A beacon of digital innovation

For over a decade, the SoMo Borac conference has established itself as a central hub for digital professionals in Southeast Europe. Every year, it brings together creatives and industry experts in Croatia to take the pulse of the digital age and shape the future of marketing together.

A forum for inspiration and knowledge exchange:

The SoMo Borac conference offers more than just another industry gathering. It creates an inspiring environment where ideas flow and valuable knowledge can be exchanged. Participants experience: Exciting discussion panels, presentations of innovative projects and networking opportunities.

A driving force for digital transformation:

The SoMo Borac conference goes far beyond simply providing information. It acts as a catalyst for digital transformation in the region. Participants receive concrete impulses and recommendations for action to successfully position their companies and organisations in the digital age.

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