SP People Edition #1

Raphael Knolmayer

At STRICHPUNKT, there are people who put their heart and soul into their work. Who want to grow together. Who like to work in an atmosphere where it is fun. And who are interested in brave, creative and unconventional results. Reason enough to get to know these people better.

Raphael Knolmayer is brand consultant at STRICHPUNKT in the Stuttgart office and has been on board for over 6 years. Starting with an internship he continued as a dual student. The idea to go to Strichpunkt came from a family friend: the German cook and management consultant Otto Geisel, who Raphael was later allowed to support as a client at STRICHPUNKT. After completing his studies, things went steeply uphill: Raphael was promoted to a permanent junior project manager, quickly passed junior and has been a brand consultant since 2019: WOW. Reason enough to take a look over Raphael's shoulder:

Hi Raphael What is your team up to? What are you doing here?

We are the responsible contact persons for the client and are in charge of developing and pursuing a long-term brand vision together with the client. Sort of: where does the brand want to be in the future and what do we have to do for it?

What clients are you working with?

My clients include the DFB (German Football Association) as my largest client. Of course it's a lot of fun to work with them - not least because I'm also a big football fan myself. My team also works for SWR and especially for SWR3. As mentioned above, Otto Geisel is also a client - and then from home. In addition, I also support the Ditzingen-based technology company TRUMPF.

What do you like about SP?

The possibilities that are given to you. The culture that has been shaping itself here for a very long time, that all live and that is also cultivated in our dealings with others. And the opportunity to give the brands identities that contribute to the long-term success of the company.

A guiding motto at SP is "The Future belongs to the brave" - what does bravery mean to you?

bravery is to break new ground. To do the unexpected. Making decisions that may not be wise at first, but are new. To leave your Comfort Zone and experience something new but much better.

Why SP and not an agency network?

I don't recommend a network, because in comparison, SP gives you the opportunity to prove yourself very quickly. Due to the close client contact, one's own competencies can be quickly transferred to the outside world and one gets direct feedback - that's a benefit. This also allows for much faster development. Owner-managed agencies usually have fast and lean decision-making processes and no corporate hierarchy. That's what makes the difference.

What are your hobbies?

Playing football in any case - that's obvious for the DFB as a customer. But today I can only play on the football field. On the one hand due to some injuries, on the other hand due to limited talents. I also love the winter in Germany. Maybe I have the missing talent in football on my snowboard. To make the first tracks in the deep snow is simply the best balance to my job.