TYPE HYPE x Silberpfoten:

TYPE HYPE combines high class design, sustainable manufacturing from Germany and the lifestyle of the metropolis Berlin with individual products from A to Z. At the most beautiful time of the year, the makers of TYPE HYPE have now come up with something special and have given away a large selection of their own Christmas baubles for charitable purposes.

Since 2019 was the year of the Silberpfoten, our choice fell also directly on the Stuttgart animal protection project.

Silberpfoten was born out of the desire to accompany pet owners into old age and to offer help in all aspects of animal husbandry, so that animal and owner can stay together as long as possible. Last week the balls were distributed and delight countless dog owners in Stuttgart and the surrounding area.

TYPE HYPE is available in 2 design lines from A to Z and from 0 to 9 and in the areas Home & Kitchen Stationery & Posters, Bags & Accessories. TYPE HYPE was created by STRICHPUNKT Design founder Kirsten Dietz.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to many more heart projects in 2020.