The Future of Brand Management



On Thursday, 24 March at 5pm, we will be discussing the changes in brand management, AI-based design and what makes brands successful in the digital age together with our client Deutsche Post DHL Group.

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The range, speed and complexity of brand presences have changed immensely. We think that’s a good thing. The answers to these changes lie in the consistent digitalisation of brand management.

Why? Agile and efficient brand management, better results, independence from agencies and substantial savings can all be achieved by using the right tools and by appropriate (internal) communication. Over the past few years, we’ve been working with our client Deutsche Post DHL Group to devise and continually develop a sustainable solution to do just that.

We’re going to get together on Thursday, 24 March, at 5 pm to take a look at the theory and practice. This is going to be an online session lasting 60 minutes, and during it, we’re not only going to be sharing with you the challenges of the whole development process and the experiences we had with it, but also illustrating how they have actually impacted the day-to-day management of a brand with much more of a global presence than most. We’ll be focusing on the AI-based Layout Creator, which independently develops CD-compatible layouts.
We’re looking forward to welcoming as our guests Thomas Clemens, Head of DHL Brand Management and Sebastian Klein, Senior Manager Digital Brand Management.

The Future of Brand Management

How brands can be successful in the digital age
Thursday, March 24 / 5 pm

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Questions we’ll be answering in the online session:

  • How do you build up a global and efficient brand management system?
  • How do I create a framework in which branding can permanently be developed further?
  • How do I enable my partners to work intuitively and creatively with the branding anywhere in the world?
  • What’s inside the Layout Creator – a tool that can independently develop CD-compatible layouts and suggest various variants to the user?
  • How must the scope of tasks and the understanding of roles in a brand’s management change in order to successfully shape its future?

This livestream will be of interest to:

  • Anyone who takes decisions on brands and is responsible for their global management.
  • Anyone who is responsible for a brand and feels that traditional corporate design systems don’t offer any answers to the questions of our own time.
  • Anyone responsible for (online) marketing and communication who regularly produces (or has someone produce for them) CD-compatible media.
  • Anyone responsible for decisions on brands who wants to broaden their horizons and is open to new methodologies and technologies.

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Our guests:

Thomas Clemens – Head of Brand Management DHL
Having had many years of experience in the Group after previously holding positions at a communications service provider, Thomas is an expert not only in brand management in large organisations, but also in the digital transformation of all branding processes. Thomas was the product owner for the development of the DPDHL brand hub before Sebastian Klein. He’s looking forward to sharing his experience of the project in the livestream.

Sebastian Klein - Senior Manager Digital Brand Management DHL / DPDHL Group
Sebastian has gained experience in various areas of Deutsche Post DHL Group, and also in agencies, as a product owner for high-reach brand and product touchpoints. He took over the strategic development of the brand hub from Thomas Clemens and very much welcomes the opportunity to share his experiences and plans.

Your hosts:

Fabian Hammans – Creative Director at Strichpunkt
As Creative Director, Fabian has overall responsibility for the modular design we’ve developed for DHL. He’ll be highlighting both the challenges and the opportunities presented by a modular design system and showing you the Layout Creator’s latest developments.
Evelyn Pitule – Director Project Design at Strichpunkt

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