A 60-minute insight into the digital home of the DFB Brand Worlds / 17 February at 5pm

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The role of brand management has changed radically in recent years. The transformation from "design police" to "enabler", empowering the various users of a branding worldwide to achieve first-class results, is in full swing. The German Football Association (DFB) recognised this challenge early on and developed a completely new multi-brand management system in close cooperation with Strichpunkt. Based on modular design, a highly efficient and scalable brand management system was developed for the DFB's various brands and made available to all users worldwide in an online platform.

In a 60-minute online session (in german), we would like to provide an insight into this project together with the DFB, which has brought clarity and, above all, efficiency to the DFB's global brand management. We would like to present the opportunities but also the challenges and resistance of such a huge project.

Multi-brand management at the DFB - A 60-minute insight into the digital home of the DFB brand worlds
3 experts, 45 minutes + 15 minutes for your questions
Are you in?
On Wednesday, 17 February at 5:00 p.m.

For whom this online session is interesting:
/ For all brand and corporate design managers who feel that their current brand management is too complex or too slow
/ Brand decision-makers who want to broaden their horizons and are open to new methods and technologies
/ For all those who use corporate design in their daily work and are keen for new impulses

Topics of the online session:
/ Challenges in modern brand management
/ How do I enable my employees and partners worldwide to work intuitively and creatively with my branding?
/ Modular Design as the basis for a highly efficient but also creative brand management system
/ How do I best represent several brands in just one brand portal?
/ Q&A: Time for your questions

The hosts:
Juri Müller - Head of Brand Management at the DFB Juri brings many years of brand management to his role as Head of Brand Management at the DFB. He shares his insides as a brand manager throughout the entire development process. From the strategic groundwork to the modularisation of the design system to the go-live of the brand portal in November 2020.

Markus Dunke – Studio Lead Stuttgart and member of the management team, Strichpunkt
Markus has completed many professional stations abroad in his career and has accompanied a variety of large and complex branding projects.

Leon Bauer - Project Designer, Strichpunkt
Leon has accompanied the entire branding process of the DFB up to a significantly more agile brand and thus made an important contribution to increasing the efficiency of the DFB's brand management. Leon provides important insights into the success factors of a digital brand management system. But he also points out the challenges that are inherent in such a project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cornelia Pless directly (

The hosts Juri Müller, Markus Dunke and Leon Bauer are looking forward to your participation!