Culture Design

The Power to grow - Online session, December 9th, 2020 / 5 p.m.

In times of change, a strong corporate culture is an increasingly important success factor. In spite of this, the positive effects of Culture Design are still frequently undervalued, especially in European companies. Culture Design forms an essential foundation for business success.

It creates the framework for internal cooperation, social inclusion and lays the foundation for a company's innovative strength. Culture Design creates internal identification and also offers clear outward orientation. Its applications are diverse. Whether it be generational changes, transformation processes or the integration of new company acquisitions. Culture is the bedrock and driver for every successful change process.

In our “Culture Design” online session series, we would like to provide insight into this exciting field of action, by sharing practical experience and providing food for thought on the requirements, advantages and effects of Culture Design processes.

Come join us on December 9th, 2020, to find out about five of the most essential ingredients needed to be effective in your Culture Design strategy and initiatives.

What are the essential elements to better ensure your Culture Design work is effective and creates systemic change?

The questions:

  • Who needs to be involved in your Culture Design work?
  • How do you need to approach this work to better ensure the desired impact is achieved?
  • What are the opportunities to further embed your Culture Design work across the employee lifecycle to elevate your employee experience?
  • What are typical barriers you may encounter when developing and executing your Culture Design initiatives?

Who is this online session for?

  • Managing directors and business executives.
  • HR and talent development decision makers.
  • Corporate strategy executives.

The Hosts:

Ty Jernstedt - Founder and owner of Remix Coaching. Ty collaborates with clients to remix their Employee Experience to unlock the potential of their talent and culture through coaching, advising, designing and facilitation. As the Global D&I Director at Nike, based in Amsterdam, he worked with leadership teams and offices across Europe and Japan to elevate their cultures to be more inclusive, collaborative and innovative. At Zalando in Berlin, he led initiatives in culture & engagement, I&D and leadership development.

Matthias Juhnke - Strategy Director Strichpunkt Matthias was born in Wolfsburg, raised in Toronto and currently lives in Berlin. As an intercultural and interdisciplinary strategist with diverse brand and industry experience he has worked in different roles ranging from communication, brand and social media strategy, over sporting & music event development to open innovation strategy and international crowdsourcing projects on global creative platforms.