Creative Direction

There's no problem that

cannot be solved.

  • To me, good design means That it actually works and doesn't just look good.
  • I work at Strichpunkt because The best colleagues work here, too.
  • Three things on my bucket list 1. Jump into the cold water regularly (check). 2. Travel to China for STRICHPUNKT and lead a two-week workshop with Chinese designers there (check). 3. I had no idea about items 1 and 2 on my bucket list before I started working at STRICHPUNKT. That's why I'm going to let item 3 come to me…
  • My favourite tool is My KitchenAid. On Mondays, my colleagues can look forward to the leftovers from the weekend's kitchen activities. If there are any leftovers.
  • Three TV series for a rainy Sunday The Neverending Breakfast, Food Coma 1–3, Tatort.