Senior Concept Developer



  • I find inspiration in Heiner Müller's story of the three pizza chefs in New York fighting for customers on the same street. On Monday, the first one came up with this advertising slogan: 'We have the best pizza in the whole of New York'. On Tuesday, the second one countered with 'We have the best pizza in the whole of America.' One week later, the third piped up, saying 'We have the best pizza on the whole street'.
  • I work at Strichpunkt because The future is nuclear-powered branding.
  • My heroes or role models are Max Scheler, for example because of this quotation: 'A signpost doesn't move in the direction it points.' Howard Roark in The Fountainhead: My son.
  • My most important tool is Panheuristics.
  • I would like to get to know King Alfor from Crystal Venom.
  • Why I do what I do 'No mission is impossible. Ask Tom Cruise.' – EPMD.