Head of Concept

Always be open to everything and everyone – fearlessly and, hopefully, fruitfully;

think for yourself, think differently, think without boundaries.

  • To me, good design means Certainly not 'this is how you do it'. However, I'm positive that it would be nothing without imagination and passion.
  • I find inspiration in Everything around me – if you open yourself up to it and are willing to let anything happen. I am also inspired by people with energy; people who are open-minded – free spirits, independent thinkers, lateral thinkers and people willing to break with convention (see above).
  • I work at Strichpunkt because We are constantly reinventing ourselves; because it is guaranteed never to be boring; because we go crazy and argue with each other because we are all passionate about our work.
  • The last time I left my comfort zone Strichpunkt is definitely (and thankfully) not my comfort zone – that helps us to keep on reinventing ourselves (fundamentally, I believe that everyone who is capable of self-reflection to some extent can easily avoid comfort zones).
  • My way of achieving the perfect balance with my job is through Swimming for two and a half kilometres in a cold mineral spa – after that, you're guaranteed to be thoroughly relaxed ;-)
  • The app that I would never delete Fortunately, at least a million apps fit on an iPhone.
  • My most important tool is Dedication.
  • Why I do what I do Because I love it.