Be bold, be light, be italic,

but never regular.

  • I find inspiration in Taking a trip/city break, for example, and all the new experiences that go along with it (design, architecture, people, culture, language, etc.).
  • A habit that I would gladly get rid of (if only I could) Starting a bag of nibbles and not scoffing my way through the entire thing ;-)
  • My way of achieving the perfect balance with my job is through Spending time with my daughter or a good friend, hiking/going out into nature, reading a good book.
  • My heroes or role models are All those people who dedicate themselves in whatever form to helping those worse off than themselves or who have managed to fulfil their goals and plans and realise their dreams.
  • Three things on my bucket list Ride behind huskies in Alaska. Experience the countryside of New Zealand. Cruise the Canal du Midi on a houseboat.