Creative Direction / Unit Lead

If you fall off and you haven't broken anything, get back on the horse!

Have fun!

  • To me, good design means When it inspires customers so much that they rethink their attitudes and actions!
  • I work at Strichpunkt because You can learn from every single person here – and from all of us together, the customers.
  • A habit that I would gladly get rid of (if only I could) Tilting my head when I look at my drafts.
  • The last time I left my comfort zone was when I moved from the beautiful Lake Constance to Stuttgart just before summer ;-).
  • My way of achieving the perfect balance with my job is through A weekend in the mountains. On skis in winter or on my bike in summer – you need total concentration at all times, because nothing comes back to bite you as quickly as when you don't have your head in the game.