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Siona Steinacker, who grew up in Salach - who else has never been there? - found her way into being a designer via photography. But instead of turning her passion into a career, she chose to study digital media communication at Macromedia to broaden her horizons. Absolutely fitting, because she likes to have her fingers in the pie from the very beginning of projects and is definitely not bored when she is already closely involved in the conception and strategy phases. Photography nevertheless remained her personal passion; in addition, not only after joining Strichpunkt 5 years ago, came the broad field of corporate design. For Siona, the perfect combination of creative and structured work. Preferably for several clients at the same time, and: the more international, the better. Most recently for Kuraray, Deli, DHL and the FAZ.

Read more about who the SilberPfoten are, when she can really work creatively, and which client request drives her crazy.

SP: What was your career at Strichpunkt - you started as a designer & then?
... I quickly became an art director and also the internal SP photographer. I was always interested in photography, which is why (before my time at SP) I had a part-time study on that topic. Now I can easily contribute the knowledge to my projects – it's fun :)
SP: You've worked a lot with Chinese clients: what was the biggest learning and the biggest surprise?
The biggest learning: Openness to the different culture's way of thinking, a certain empathy and a change of perspective are essential to reach your goal.
The biggest surprise: that a language barrier is not a problem at all and you can have great conversations, even if the person talking to you speaks almost only Chinese.
SP: You are passionate about photography - what is the perfect shot for you?
Sounds cheesy, but: an authentically captured moment that moves the photographed person(s) to tears.
SP: Hand on heart - which request from the project designer or customer really drives you crazy?
Make the logo bigger 😭
SP: I can be really creative when...
... I create the space to fully empathize with the brand or task I am working on at the moment – with calm and the opportunity to dive in. Best thing: to put on a good Spotify playlist and off you go.
SP: What drives you personally?
As a creative person I have the chance to make the world a little better – and by that I don't mean “making things pretty”. I can give a voice to projects through visuality. Allow topics such as diversity to flow in. Show attitude through my work. Provide a bit of relevance and support social projects, such as the SilberPfoten, and increase their reach. By the way: SilberPfoten supports older people so that they can stay together with their beloved animals even in old age - especially now more relevant than ever. A great pilot project based in Stuttgart. And we at SP had the honor of creating their new corporate design in 2019. Because that's how you can help and donate as well :)
SP: What does courage mean to you personally?
For me, courage means to follow my gut instinct, even if it seems to be against all logic – and to grow with the situation, no matter what.

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