Talking to Tobi

Tobi began to study biology in Tübingen after graduating from high school. From there he moved to the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, where he studied communication design. To this day, both of these subjects accompany him. During his studies Tobi already started working for Jung von Matt at the Neckar. This was a very important time for him to develop interdisciplinary ways of thinking and to integrate conceptual clarity into his working methods.

He joined Strichpunkt as a designer in 2007 and quickly developed to an art director, then made the step forward to senior art director. Tobi moved to Berlin with three colleagues as Creative Director in 2012 and set up the Berlin office. Today he is the Creative Lead of our studio in Berlin.

SP: Tobi, what makes a good creative for you during this time?
It is no different today than it has always been. Good creative people are and have always been problem solvers. They translate complexity into simplicity, they create clarity in chaos and they know about the power of aesthetics. Form follows function is more popular today than ever, but that does not mean that form should be neglected. On the contrary.
SP: What drives you personally?
Fun. I don't really believe that good things only come out under pressure. In any case, I don't function that way. Really new things are created with ease and a good portion of nonsense. It is underestimated far too much, the spinning around, and the fantasizing, the crap and nonsense. I believe that this is the only way to move off the well-trodden paths. That’s fun. And the best thing about it: it can only be achieved together.
SP: What do you think a brand needs to bring with it in order to continue to be successful?
Brands (and people) need to become aware of the context in which they move. We are facing enormous challenges that simply cannot be overcome without the courage to do many things in a really different way. Sustainability as a term may have gone a little out of fashion, but that is exactly what it is all about. Brands will (have to) follow supposedly unpopular paths, which is exactly why they are so important for differentiation. Conscious renunciation, commitment, responsibility and a clear attitude. Qualities that we value in people will also be expected from brands in the future. The time of neutrality is over. Sounds exhausting - but can also be fun.
SP: What should be permanently preserved for society from the Covid 19 crisis?
Careful, now it's getting a bit pathetic. If I could make a wish: That people would once again become more aware of what is really important. Health, good cooperation, respect. That we dare to simply try something new, but keep an eye on the consequences. That it's okay if you don't feel good at times. That no company in the world can be brought to the verge of ruin when a three-year-old jumps through the video call. That it's okay not to do things sometimes. And that for all the disruption, there are also things worth preserving. In short: more thoughtful, more consistent, better instead of higher, faster, further.
SP: What are you proud of?
Of my son. Best design ever!
SP: What does courage mean to you personally?
To admit yourself that it is ok not to be brave sometimes.

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