A new design system for Almdudler

Brand Design

A new design system for Austria's most likeable lemonade brand.

The brand Almdudler was born in 1957 and with 94 percent market awareness has been the Austrian national drink par excellence ever since. With a clear focus on internationalizing the brand and concentrating on digital transformation, the brand's design system had to be simplified in a future-oriented and media-neutral way.

For the Austrian lemonade manufacturer Almdudler, we further developed its corporate design and website. Cross-media design principles for analogue and digital applications were thought through and designed holistically.

The new world of Almdudler is real, natural and different. Together with Almdudler, we have successfully fulfilled the desire for authenticity in the visual world, usability of the website and a focus on emotionality. A beautiful result for a traditional brand that is not only likeable, but also tastes damn good.

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