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Digital brand experience

01Digital brand

Digital brand experience

Fusion of two worlds

Empower e-mobility - that's what our customer Alpitronic, based in Bolzano, Italy, is all about. Alpitronic is actively driving forward the electrification of mobility with pioneering fast-charging technologies. The technology driver launched the first fast charging station on the market in 2017. Since then, Alpitronic has been involved in the development, production and marketing of its products under the Hypercharger brand. The website focused on merging the product and corporate worlds. The aim was to create a digital brand experience that not only conveys an increased understanding of a complex specialist area, but also makes technological excellence tangible.


Digital experience concept

Creating excitement

Alpitronic's digital presence was further developed into a uniform and inspiring digital brand experience. The combination of modern technologies has created a visually aesthetic and interactive touchpoint that connects both divisions. The company is presented through light and energy, while the Hypercharger product line takes center stage on a darkened stage. All design elements and design principles were defined and elaborated as part of the website. They are modular, flexible and complete Alpitronic's corporate design - the cornerstone for the future digital presence of a technology driver.


Digital experience concept

Visualising Energy

A dynamic key visual consisting of reactive particles was developed, inspired by a continuous flow of energy and symbolizing Alpitronic's technological expertise. The particles adapt to the user's interaction with the website and take on different shapes to match the content with seamless precision.

04Product experience



Empower E-Mobility aims to present products with complex features and functions in an understandable and inspiring way. Our approach: An immersive, scroll-based experience that focuses on the products and makes them tangible. Product stories are used to explain the features of the respective products in an explorative way. The products are illuminated from all perspectives with the help of 3D and brought closer to the user in a simple and playful way.

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