Digitalization from A-Z 2017

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ANDRITZ, one of Austria's leading suppliers of plants and equipment worldwide, is intent to proactively shape the changes of digitalization and make optimal use of them. As in the previous year, the reporting is lead by a key word, the various facets of which will be examined from A to Z. Under the title "Digitalization from A-Z", the new reporting tells of the innovative power, the future-oriented approach and the customer benefit of the latest projects.

The focus is on optimizing processes, structures and products through the forward-looking use of digital solutions. The workbook character of the ring binder illustrates that digitization is an ongoing task with many projects. It contrasts with the partial high-gloss finishes in the report. It is structured by striking chapter separators in strong colours and virtual-looking typography elements. Concrete insights into the versatility of the international technology group are provided by means of varied narrative and presentation formats.

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