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Statement for Vorsprung

2020 Audi further refined its global brand strategy. With its new brand design, Audi is now initiating the next stage of development in its brand management. The attitude of ‘progressive premium‘ becomes clearly visible, and the quality of the brand identity is enhanced. The brand is moving significantly closer to the customers and offers a brand experience that is tailored to the target groups. One key feature is that for the first time, the Audi rings are to be used in communications flexibly and with varying line thicknesses. The ‘Audi Type’ typeface that is characteristic of the brand is also now freely scalable in the new “Variable” font.

Audi Rings Variable
Redefining Progress
Audi Type Variable

„The enhanced design gives us the flexibility to underline brand claims more powerfully than before – across all touchpoints.“

Denis Fegeš,
Senior Art Director, Strichpunkt



Inspired by atomic design, we developed a modular design system that can be used in various ways. Developed to be media-neutral but thoroughly digital at heart, it employs modules matched up with each other in various ways to enable the Audi brand to be presented precisely and consistently at all customer touchpoints. Different components are used in different applications. The result: Greater creative diversity and a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

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The new brand identity is making the revised Audi corporate identity visible to the world. The identity is based on the progressive premium claim of the brand. A sense of style is the key to success!”

Henrik Wenders,
Senior Vice President Audi Brand

Audi Design System
Study of in-car displays

03CI Portal

The source

of Truth

For creative and agile handling of the brand, we worked with Audi to design a digital brand portal that is blazing a trail for the entire industry. Each element can be experienced interactively, while there are numerous examples that act as sources of inspiration and convey the essentials – all publicly accessible. Moreover, it is structured in such a way that creative minds can get started straight away, acting as a living style guide that is constantly being updated across all touchpoints with input from designers and programmers from all over the world.

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