Bosch Megatrend Report M12

Brand Communication

Tracks and traces: Since 2016, Bosch has been exploring the major future trends, the opportunities and risks of tomorrow together with Strichpunkt. Paths to Tomorrow: stimulating, experimental, inspiring.

A new renaissance

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is shaping the new image of humanity and the world. At a time when the shadows are growing, humanity is experiencing a real turning point - politically, ecologically, technologically. In the context of disruptive technologies and political changes, the Bosch M12 aims to provide managers, researchers, developers, and multipliers with interdisciplinary impulses for their work and for complex decision-making.

Vast horizons

We explore the interactions between humans and technology, geopolitics, economy, and society. We investigate the interplay of megatrends and the future potential for innovations, new products, and markets. In dialogue with experts from the fields of technology and business, sociology, political science, ethics and risk research, we develop an inspiring and diverse vision of the future.

Creative collaboration

Illustration and photography, sculpture, craftsmanship, and old masters meet Artificial Intelligence, Stable Diffusion, and ChatGPT. Inspiring food for thought meets in-depth analyses and interviews, illustrative infographics and detailed maps. We categorize, provide orientation, convey new perspectives and lay inspiring tracks towards tomorrow. A futuristic discourse with digital links to the future. A creative collage of the future in an opulent large format.

“The Megatrend Report is exploratory. It's authentic. It doesn't sugarcoat anything. It aims to be as realistic as possible. It's extraordinary - both in content and visually.”

Dr. Andrej Heinke

We have been working with Bosch on the megatrend reports for many years, here is a selection of past projects:

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