Bosch Megatrend Report M7

Corporate Communication

"The time is out of joint!" This Shakespeare quote from Hamlet is the motto of the seventh Megatrend Report, by which Bosch gives a deep insight into the political, economic and social future. How will we live and work tomorrow? And to what extent do agile, disruptive, and collaborative life and work models change us?

Crossmapping the future! - The world of tomorrow unfolds in a striking atlas format. Thanks to interviews with technology and business experts, sociologists, writers, ethicists and future researchers. Image portraits and illustratively visualized factsheets design a plastic image of the future. A compact management summary links to future markets of the global technology and mobility group.

Context is king! - The Megatrend Report M7 is an inspiring and explorative book of ideas: a printed think tank for explorers.

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