Bosch Megatrend Report M11

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Discourse. This is the great value of the annual Megatrend Reports, which Strichpunkt has conceptually and creatively supported and designed since 2016.

Difficult times –

In a complex environment that is characterised by many mutually reinforcing or contradictory developments, a free and open perspective from the outside is particularly important. It helps to classify future trends, points out new paths and provides impulses for discourse.

True broadening of horizons –

We show the global lines of development and thus explore the interaction of megatrends and the great future potential for innovations. of the megatrends and the great future potentials for innovations, new products and markets. Essays and interviews with experts from the fields of technology, economics, sociology, political science, ethics and risk research put the key technological, political and social trends into a broad context and develop a vivid picture of the future.

Traces and tracks –

We combine associative, inspiring food for thought with analyses, facts and contextual information, classify, provide orientation, convey new perspectives. Stimulating art, portraits and illustrations, individual infographics, maps and picture reports show footprints of the future and lay inspiring tracks into tomorrow. The result is a futuristic workbook of the future in an opulent, sophisticated large format.

We have been working with Bosch on the megatrend reports for many years, here is a selection of past projects:

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