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Audi - The Interface Becomes the Brand

Audi becomes the »Digital Car Company«. In this way, a consistent, constant and seamless brand experience is of crucial importance. Across all touch points. From Audi apps to the smartwatch, from displays to the car. The interface becomes the brand.

For Audi we have developed a corporate design, which is consistently »digital first« in its concept and design. We took a truly holistic, interdisciplinary approach to creating design principles for all media and devices.

The new brand appearance is flexible and modular in the sense of the »atomic design«, rules are reduced to a minimum. In this way, today's and future devices can be designed so that an overall brand experience is given. At the same time it allows plenty of scope for creative diversity.

The result is a modern design and interaction principle for Audi. Dynamic principles replace rigid rules. The brand portal we designed has gone online in early 2017. It is accessible to everyone – an innovation in the automotive industry, and a symbol of new openness.

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