Brand Design

As the lead agency in the area of branding, we redesigned Commerzbank's brand presence. In focus: the modernization of the brand's entire appearance as well as a forward-looking digital user experience for the bank's customers.

As part of its "Strategy 2024" program announced in mid-February 2021, Commerzbank aims to become the digital advisory bank for Germany and to strengthen its leading position as a strong partner for SMEs and its around eleven million private and corporate customers. This development is also to be reflected in the new brand design.

The result is a forward-looking appearance in which people immediately recognize their bank and which, at the same time, is intended to ensure a rejuvenation and modernization of the brand appearance through, among other things, new fresh colors - in particular through the completely new petrol in Commerzbank's appearance. This differentiates the bank even more from the competition, makes it look as colorful as life itself, and continues to present a consistent but less uniform image. Digital interfaces are particularly brand-defining, because this is where direct interaction between bank and customer takes place. Commerzbank will introduce a rounded button as a central interface element, which will also be used in non-digital media. In line with the button element and the new, centered version of the logo, the typography will also preferably be centered.

The enhanced image style adds even more authenticity and emotionality to the appearance. In the future, the bank will be recognizable by bright, positive and colorful images that reflect its target groups. The colorful images will be complemented by duplex images in the primary colors yellow and petrol. The duplex images are intended to provide special accentuation, certainly also as a further differentiating feature from the competition.