Bosch Megatrend Report 6.0 Cross­mapping Future

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Megatrends point to the lines of central global development. „Crossmapping Future“ opens up the interaction of the megatrends - because ultimately it is in fact the cross-linking of the megatrends that demonstrate great future potential for innovation, new products and markets.

The Bosch Megatrend Report 6.0 is intended to provide context, focused information and valuable knowledge to the executives of the international technology group. It accompanies a demanding readership over an entire year.

The large, global lines of development are demonstrated. Interviews with technology and business experts, sociologists, political scientists, writers, ethicists and risk researchers link technological, political and social developments and present a vivid picture of the future.

The Megatrend Report 6.0 presents itself as a tangible and futuristic work book with a dust jacket from tracing paper and a cover of a robust, laser refined chipboard. Separating pages provide the report with structure and facilitate rapid access to the main chapters enriched with numerous pictures, illustrations, and infographics.

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