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The DFB operates in a world of conflicting priorities and extremes. These range from district leagues to national teams, from youth training to World Cup titles. It is this level of diversity that makes the association unique. The corporate design must meet the requirements of the umbrella brand and the many different sub-brands. Our solution is a modular system incorporating adaptable elements: typography, colour, design principle and imagery are scalable to meet all requirements. From fine to bold, from the hero world of top-flight football to the charm of popular sport. From national team to fan club.

A corporate design that can be adapted.

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An excellent


DIE MANNSCHAFT is the brand that unites the association, players and fans. Its presence alone embodies excellence, greatness and the will to win. DIE MANNSCHAFT is both deeply rooted in the DFB brand architecture and a dazzling flagship in international football.

DIE MANNSCHAFT is more than the logo of the German national football team.

DesignNational team



The Fan Club is loud and full of passion. The goal: to push the team forward in good and difficult phases. This has to work not only in the stadium, but also visually in terms of branding. The brand image demonstrates proximity to DIE MANNSCHAFT and clearly shows its colour: black, red, gold. The translation of the flag colours into patterns creates a high recognition value. Dynamic results from the flexible arrangement of these design pattern elements. A layout principle that is wild, loud and at the same time unmistakable.

You never walk alone.

DesignFan Club

DFB Cup competition:

David against Goliath

The DFB Cup competition with its proud tradition has its own laws and, since the summer of 2016, a new face. The new brand identity is the visual bracket that brings professionals and football base together - on and off the pitch. Small against big, amateur against professional, David against Goliath. The primary colour of the identity is green. Positioned in the centre of the logo is the stylised trophy featuring a strong, contemporary design. Curved lines turn dynamically upward, making reference to a particularly emotional moment: when strips of gold rain down on the winners during the presentation ceremony.

Everything is in place for the next cup final in Berlin.


The new DFB


Development of young talent, training centre, service point, creative workshop, meeting point, quarter and training camp: The DFB Academy has set itself the goal of promoting all of German football - nothing more and nothing less. The brand world of the academy lives on contrast, which is expressed through the interplay of colours, imagery and the prominent use of the striking DFB stencil typeface.

Innovation for everybody.


Real-time analytics app

As one of the first digital applications in the context of the Academy's branding, we got to immerse deeply in the DNA of the German national team. The tactics app "Concept Book" enables real-time game analysis and the possibility to transmit data in the form of live notes to the coaching staff. A promising tool and a first step into a collaborative future of science, digitization and sports.

Our contribution to the 5th star for Germany.

The unifying


The rebranding of the DFB was an evolution rather than a revolution. The brand identity has become clearer and simpler, the generous use of white space creates room for the many and varied applications. The DFB logo was slightly adapted. Characteristic features include the sections of the pitch on a white background and the DFB Sans typeface: an unmistakable look within the brand architecture.

The entire identity was tidied up and revitalised.

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