Time for a new beginning

The activities of the DFB, which has over 6 million members, are divided between popular sports and the national teams. Its work involves a great many people – and triggers the powerful emotions typical of the beautiful game. Consequently, the DFB is well used to criticism. And admitting to its mistakes. To signal a new departure, a decision was taken to strengthen the entire association again. To realign the umbrella brand in visual terms. To harmonise the sub-brands.

The goal was to turn the DFB into a strong "We brand".


Finally, there is unity

in the team again

For many years, the DFB umbrella brand and its sub-brands competed as individuals. From now on, they play as a team. Typefaces, colours, imagery and logos share a common design language. The hero brands for the national team and DFB Cup competition retain plenty of independence, while other brands have moved closer to the umbrella brand identity.

Together, they all form a strong DFB world.

Umbrella brand

Hero- and supporter brands

Sub brands


The positive

halo effect

How does one set about improving the definitely tarnished image of the world's largest sporting association? One takes what is good. And lets it shine a light on the areas that are willing to embrace change. The coherence of the appearance taps the positive image of many sub-brands and the glory of the hero brands to provide lasting strength to the umbrella brand.

And to re-energise the DFB.

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